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I'm Sam Kathleen.

Big dreamer, podcaster, educator and your personal coach.

We’re all about stepping into your power and recognising that the life you live is the life you’ve created. We take radical responsibility because with that responsibility comes the power to choose, to decide and to design.

Ready to Level Up The Way
You're Living Your Life?

There is so much pressure to figure out what we're meant to do with our lives. We all want to feel passionate, excited and enjoy all that life has to offer. Aaaand we've also got to pay the bills.

It can be easy to feel like that life is reserved for the lucky few. Finding our purpose and living our passions isn't something they taught at school and it can feel like that life is reserved for the lucky few. But it's not luck my friends! If you're ready to level up your life and realise those big dreams of yours, I've got you!


Master Your Time


We each have the same number of hours in a day. And yet, some people constantly feel like they're running out of time, while others get to do more of what they love. We start by learning how to become the master of your most precious asset - your time.


Create Your Identity

Who we believe we are is how we show up in this world. There is so much of who you are that has been created by looking outwards at the world. It's time to look inwards - at how you want to feel, what you want to experience, and to create the identity that supports that.


Design Your Reality

"I have no idea what I want to do with my life" - something that so many of us can relate to. Together we will uncover and discover how you want to feel and how you want to live so you can live your life by YOUR design -
not anyone else's.


Upgrade Your Habits

We're all about the long-term success here! Together we will become stronger than any excuse, more loving than any judgement so that we can master our current level of life, while also building towards our next level.

There are not enough positive words to describe Samantha

To tell you that her business & mindset coaching has COMPLETELY changed my life and levelled me up would still not being doing her justice. Sam helps with so many things such as: giving yourself more grace, having confidence in your ability & message, showing up as the best version of yourself everyday & always help you to reach the next level in your personal & professional goals! 
I would and DO often recommend her to everyone I meet.

Thank-you Samantha you have impacted me more than I can ever explain 💫

- Indiana Lee @indianaleecoaching

Spreadsheet-obsessed, believer in magic and lover of hot chocolate on rainy days.

Who am I? And what do I want to do with my life?
Two of the biggest questions that I struggled to answer myself. I knew I wanted more for my life - but had no idea where to start.

If you've got big dreams of an extraordinary life, but have no idea where to get started, then you've come to the right place 🙏🏼

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Helping Big Dreamers
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Next Level life

Greatness isn't reserved for the select few - it's available to all of us.
But what separates those who wish for it and those who live it is that some people talk a good game. Others go out there and actually play.
Are you ready to make it happen for yourself?


and live their

There are some things that you don't see when you're in the field of play. You need someone to notice what you can't and can compress years of experience so that you can get all of the lessons minus the personal trial and error!

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