Hey there! I'm Sam.

Enneagram 3, Leo Rising, Type-A 
I love planning, going on adventures and the magic of storytelling.


I found myself stuck in a life and routine that looked successful on paper but felt nothing like how I imagined life could be.

I was two University degrees in with a laundry list of accomplishments and extracurriculars that stacked on to make me feel significant. I had a 5 year plan, a 10 year plan and had found a way to squeeze every possible minute out of every single day. 

I was always doing something - I was the girl that my friends and colleagues would look at and say, “I don’t know how you do it” - and that made me feel great… for about 5 minutes until the overwhelm and anxiety started to creep back in.

You see, I had started to build what I thought a successful life was supposed to look like - the problem was that it didn’t feel like a successful life because I had began building my “dream life” according to someone else’s blueprint. 

And so I began searching for answers. I knew there just had to be more to life than following the pre-written paths laid out in front of us. I figured,

“Hey, if I don’t like any of these options in front of me, maybe I should create my own.”

Then I finally found my purpose - seeing my own experiences reflected in the people I loved the most.

  • My little sister and her experiences in high school.
  • My best friends telling themselves that "this is just what life is.
  • My colleagues collectively counting down the seconds until the weekend where they could "finally live and do things".

I was surrounded by signs that my experience wasn't unique. I had an invitation to make my impact - by helping others break free of the same pain that held me back.

Fast forward to today - I get to wake up every day knowing that everything I get to experience in my life has been carefully curated by me, all completely on purpose, all by design.

I learned how to reintroduce myself, to myself by unbecoming everything the world made me feel I had to be.

I learned how to step into my power and show up with the confidence that comes from knowing who you are and what you bring to this world.

I learned how to design my own personal definition of success so that my time and actions aligned with my own personal Next Level - so I know that I am living my life, not the life someone else designed for me.

Today, despite any challenges and obstacles, I can still say with confidence that I am living my life by my design. And I want that for you too.

Let’s make it happen!

Top: Ralph my child. Left, my fave outfit. Right: If you can't go to Paris, go to Vegas, right?


Sam is the founder of Sam Kathleen Coaching - Next Level You. She is a coach, podcaster, speaker and educator who brings the science with the lived experience to help other Big Dreamers live life and their own Next Level. She hopes to be known for being a catalyst - to ignite a legacy of legacies - as we each live our lives and impact the world as only we can.




I'm obsessed with games - on my phone, on my Nintendo Switch, you name it.


I still can't ride a bike (although maybe I'll be updating this soon!)


I feel like a child with an adult's bank account any time I walk into an arcade #dangerous


I still have dreams of being on Broadway that get reignited every time I see a show - but I'll settle for karaoke.

Speed-dating but friend edition - let's go!


favourite place I've been

Hawaii... or Japan!

Someday I'd like to...

Build my dream home and host family Christmases

one thing I never thought I'd do

Play sports (there's a story here!)

one word my loved ones
would use to describe me:

Stubborn (I asked - it's unanimous haha!)

i'm usually craving

Ice cream - and yes even in winter.

go-to karaoke song

My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

childhood dream job:

A pop-star/author/professional traveller

a quote i live by

I am limitless because I accept no limitations.


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