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Who are you when no one’s watching?

Today there was no one checking in on me.   No one’s day depended on whether I got out of bed or turned Grey’s Anatomy off. Then I went about my day, checked my clock and it was 11am.  I’ve learned that success is highly dependent on who we are when no one’s watching. On our […]

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Next Level You

I’m Sam.
I'm a Big Dreamer who started off desperate to find the balance between enjoying my 20's and building my brilliant future. My mission is to show up as the resource, coach and cheerleader that I needed when I was just starting out in "adult" life + business!
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Here’s something that doesn’t get said often enough:  Persistence isn’t enough if you’re persisting with a bad strategy.  When I was studying, I would persist with the same strategy – I’d copy down notes onto palm cards and read them over and over again. And I’d get “good” results but I wanted better, and so […]

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I was struggling to decide what I wanted to share with you in today’s podcast episode. So, I decided to go back and listen to my past podcast episodes. And from that, a whole bunch of new ideas came up for you to try and apply to your own life. Sometimes things are repeated to […]

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Too many of us are avoiding making decisions we need to make because we’re worried we’re going to get it wrong.  To help you in building your decisiveness muscle, I’m going to share with you the WORST POSSIBLE decision you could ever make.  Tune into this episode for: The WORST decision you could possibly make […]

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There is one simple message that I want you to take to heart: If you’ve tried and “failed” once, twice or 50 times – that does not change the probability of your success.  Tune into this episode for: The message and reminder that we all need every so often about our past attempts and our […]

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I am so guilty of quitting on myself just because the work that I’m doing is not producing any (obvious) results. But something that one of my mentors told me is the message that I want to share with you fellow big dreamers and high achievers today:  Want to know what that is? Click ‘play’ […]

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So a few months back, I had an experience that didn’t work out the way I was dreaming it would. And I learned a few things that I want to share with all of you – hit “play” on today’s episode to find out what they are!  Tune into this episode for: Some insight into […]

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A close friend of mine is going through some pretty intense stuff at the moment.  I’m not going to go into too much detail about the situation itself, but there is a message that I shared with them that I really want you to hear as well: You are stronger than you realise. Trust that […]

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I know I’m not the only one who’s found themselves full of excuses. My excuses have gotten in the way of so much over the years until I decided that enough was enough. I had a realisation about what I needed so I could finally and consistently kick my excuses to the curb. If you’re […]

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In today’s episode, I share a journal prompt that invites you to reflect on your beliefs about trying something new, and how this shift can be the difference between staying stuck and growing. Tune into this episode for: Today’s journal prompt and my challenge to you as you reflect on your beliefs about trying something […]

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