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Next Level You with Sam Kathleen

Looking for support your personal growth journey? This is the space for daily motivation, inspiration and the loving wake-up call you need to get off your butt and get moving.







Ready to Level Up The Way
You're Living Your Life?

The Next Level You poddy is the place to get both bite-sized daily inspiration and in-depth explorations into all things psychology, motivation and why we humans do what we do.
I take you along the journey of what it's like to be a Big Dreamer who can often fall into the laziness trap so that you don't procrastinate your way out of everything you were destined to be.

let's dive in!

Spreadsheet-obsessed, believer in the Universe and lover of hot chocolate on rainy days.

About your host

I'm Sam -
Your personal cheerleader
& coach rolled into one!

Trust fund gluten-free scenester PBR&B hot chicken. Poke try-hard vegan pop-up. Banh mi meggings before they sold out meh. Viral edison bulb literally squid bespoke YOLO, drinking vinegar gentrify kitsch kale chips la croix disrupt hell of tumblr. Af chartreuse prism yr synth pork belly trust fund umami.

next level you with sam kathleen

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Mindset, Methods, Motivation

This is the place to get everything you need to help you level up in ALL areas of your life - whether it's business, relationships, personal growth, finances, time mastery - you name it, we've got it!

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For anyone scrolling through the reviews and pondering on whether to begin your self improvement journey or not, just trust me on this and listen to one episode and you will be hooked!

— shaina M.

a word from our listeners

The best in the game!

Love how short, sweet and easy
these episodes are to listen to... All of Sam's advice is relatable and so simple to
follow and apply to my own life!

— BrooklynM21

a word from our listeners

So simple yet effective

These episodes are short and sweet but packed with so much encouragement and good vibes! Always leave with something to think about and feeling a little more motivated👏🏼

— mhmm1324

a word from our listeners

A goodie!


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