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If other peoples’ opinions are getting you down

I had a really horrible experience with this person that I’m working with in my new job. She was going around just bad-mouthing to anyone who would listen.  I only found out through a mutual friend that any of this was happening, and thankfully no one really took what she was saying seriously. But when […]

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Next Level You

I’m Sam.
I'm a Big Dreamer who started off desperate to find the balance between enjoying my 20's and building my brilliant future. My mission is to show up as the resource, coach and cheerleader that I needed when I was just starting out in "adult" life + business!
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So a couple of days ago on the podcast, I talked about a strategy that you can use if you’re feeling stuck and you want to get unstuck. This strategy that I’m sharing in today’s episode is another approach you can take. It’s also the approach I had to take as I found myself stuck, […]

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In today’s episode, I share with you a way that you can move forward with more ease. And just a disclaimer: Just because you do this doesn’t mean that everything will automatically be easy. But it will definitely help you move forward with less heaviness, more clarity and (hopefully) a little more fun too! Tune […]

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If you find yourself stuck and you’re wanting to get unstuck, then this is the episode for you! Staying stuck means that we get to hang out in the muck, in the difficult, in whatever it is that has us feeling frustrated in the first place.   The easiest way to get unstuck is to get […]

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Here’s a hard truth that some people really need to hear:  There’s an expiry date for blaming what happened to you in the past for how you show up now.  The way our parents brought us up may have SOME influence on who we are and how we choose to show up. But we cannot […]

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In today’s episode, I share a journal prompt that invites you to reflect on the decisions you’d make if you weren’t so scared of making the wrong one. Here you have an opportunity to allow yourself the freedom to decide based on your desires, rather than based on fear, stress, anxiety or worry. Tune into […]

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There will be times when you’ll be off track with your goals. It doesn’t mean you won’t achieve it. All you need to do is get back on track.  You see, when we create these plans for our life, when we create these goals and this vision for how our year, how our month, how […]

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Imagine what your life this year would have been like if you got out of your own way.  Let’s imagine where you would be this year if you believed in yourself a little more.  If you took a bit more uncomfortable action.   Where would you be this year if you stopped delaying your dreams? Where […]

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I was thinking about death today. And not to be morbid, but because it can be a powerful thing. Tune into this episode for: Why I was thinking about death today My personal challenge to you to help increase your gratitude for life Listen Now! Apple Podcasts | Spotify Podcasts | Google Podcasts

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Procrastinating is easy when we don’t know what it is we’re actually losing.   Procrastinating is easy when what we think it means that we get to keep watching our TV shows or we get to stay in bed a little longer or get to relax a bit more.   But, procrastinating becomes painful when we realise […]

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