I love the concept of my #dreamlife . It gives us the freedom to dream of how life would be if there was absolutely no obstacle that could stop us. Going through my Year in Review is the perfect way for me to get realigned with the idea of my dream life.

When I think about my dream life, I think of what brings me joy, passion, adventure and excitement. I think about what makes me feel safe, aligned and present. 

You’ve only got one life. AS IF you wouldn’t spend it living the BEST LIFE you possibly could. At the end of every year I look back and do my own Year in Review. I reflect on the year that I’ve just had, the goals that I had set for myself approximately 365 days before that moment and determine:

  1. Whether I gave all of myself, and then some, to the causes, experiences and people that matter most to me; and
  2. What I have to celebrate because I should always be my loudest and most unapologetic cheerleader; and
  3. How I can make this next year even better than the one I just had

But 2019 Year in Review is a little bit more exciting.

With a whole DECADE coming to a close, we are about to enter a new era of innovation, adventure and magic that we couldn’t even comprehend yet! I think back to my 2009-self (cringing a little) and am amazed at just how much has happened.

So many magnificent, brutal, tear-jerking, heart-exploding, magical and mystifying experiences that now feel like they’ve gone past in the blink of an eye.

There’s a saying that has been reimagined by a number of thought leaders, first attributed to psychologist and computer scientist JCR Licklider:

People tend to overestimate what can be done in one year and underestimate what can be done in five or ten years.

Now I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel like I get caught in making huge plans for a “day of productivity” but then look back on the last 5 or 10 years and wonder how I could’ve let so much time slip away.

SO – in preparation for the new year and the new decade, it’s time to create your own #2020Vision


It’s said that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. 

Seems pretty dark, and repeating the past might not necessarily be a bad thing. While we don’t want to get caught up in the past, we should definitely make the most of the experience and not let anything go to waste.

The image that comes to my mind is when Marshal and Lily in How I Met Your Mother are packing up their things to move from New York to Italy. Big moves, slightly terrified, extremely excited at the possibilities – sounds like a perfect metaphor to me.

In the moving process they split all their things up into categories: 

STORE: What they still need but will keep in New York for when they return

ITALY: What they want to take with them on their adventures in Italy

THROW: What they no longer need

Use your Year in Review to reflect on your past in a similar way. Think over the last 10 years. 

  • Can you name some experiences, thoughts, feelings or beliefs that you think are important for you to remember, but not necessarily carry with you into the new decade?
  • What will you carry with you into the adventures of the new decade?
  • What do you need to leave in the 2010’s?

Take a few minutes to get it all down on paper. The act of taking it out of your mind and into the tangible “real world” will help you in this sorting process. It sometimes helps to do it year by year – starting at 2010 and working your way up to this year.

Step Two: THE WINS

Now that you’ve gotten a birds-eye view of the last decade, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Let’s take some time to really feel joy, happiness, success, accomplishment, gratitude and pride for the last 10 years. 

If you are reading this right now then you’ve already won, because you are here. 

You can take a look at your answers from Step One to help guide you in this part of the review. 

  • Name some experiences that you’ve had in the last 10 years that were once dreams but became a reality?
  • What are places that you’ve visited that brought you joy?
  • What have you accomplished in the arena of personal development? Did you finish another term or semester at school? Get a new job? Did you get promoted?
  • Who did you get to spend some time with in the last 10 years? What relationships have you nurtured? Who do you feel like you’ve gotten closer to or learned more about?
  • What are you grateful for over the last 10 years? 
  • What are some memories that you’ve made that hold a special place in your heart?

Spend the next few minutes writing – don’t let your pen/pencil stop moving! There are PLENTY of wins. 


I was once told that you either win or you learn. That little phrase changed my life. Not only does it presuppose you to seeing the lesson from any situation, it basically gives me the courage to go for absolutely anything.


Because as long as I learn, I cannot lose.

What are some of the experiences that you’ve had in the last 10 years that might not have been wins, but could definitely be seen as lessons? What are some experiences that you may have seen as losses in the past? It’s time to reframe your perspective and see what you’ve learned and gained from that experience.

You know what they say

Hindsight is 20/20

And speaking of…

Step Four: THE #2020VISION

I absolutely love this phrase, and it’s absolutely perfect for this decade ahead. My #2020VISION – my vision for this decade that I can see and feel with absolute clarity.

So far we’ve gone through your last decade. We’ve sorted through to celebrate our wins and to ensure that we’re making the most of our lessons. Now it’s exciting part : it’s time to look to the future.

I’ve been through this exercise countless times. Different thought leaders have their own version of it but the premise is the same.

Pull out a blank piece of paper and have your pen at the ready. Now imagine that this paper is magic

Absolutely anything that you write on this paper will come true. There are no limits to this magic – only the limits that you enforce yourself.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down absolutely everything that you want to be, feel, see, experience or have in the next decade. If at 2029 you are coming to the end of the BEST DECADE OF YOUR LIFE, what has happened? 

See it as if it’s already happened for you. Let yourself feel what it’s like as if it’s real.

Do not move onto Step 5 until you’ve completed Step 4 – you owe this to yourself.

Set that timer for 5 minutes. 



Congratulations! If you followed through on Step 4 then you have just opened yourself up to all the abundance, happiness, joy, achievement and success that you crave. Every force in this universe is moving mountains to make this happen for you.

But they can’t do it alone.

You need to be ready.

To seize the opportunities that come your way. Meet the world with kindness and courage every day. Show up for your dreams.

Big dreams remain dreams if you don’t follow through.

So now it’s time to make a commitment to yourself. That the dreams that you have listed out and the person that you will become in the process is not a possibility, it’s an inevitability. 

Go through your list and circle or mark down which of them are absolute musts. The ones that, if they happen for you in this decade, it will change your life in the most positive and magnificent ways.

Once you’ve done so, get that list and put it somewhere that you will see daily. Make it a habit to look at those dreams every day and make the commitment to do ONE THING that day to bring these dreams closer to your reality.

All it takes is one thing a day. 

What’s your ONE THING for today?

I’m rooting for you! See you in 2020 💪🏼

Sam x